Designer of IT Ecosystem for Healthcare Providers, Physicians and Patients

Our solution allows integration of healthcare providers, physicians and patients into a single ecosystem based on multiple specialized services that are interconnected. Clinical data exchange within the ecosystem and integration with third-party systems is powered by HL7® FHIR®.
The flexible infrastructure ensures data sharing with all types of HIS and LIS, and with segments of national healthcare systems (e.g., Uniform State Health Information System).
The services included in the ecosystem enable flexible settings of the system functions for different types of users.

Some of the services under development

  • Clinical data exchange service

    Clinical data exchange service

    The service based on FHIR® provides a new insight into clinical data exchange by integrating stakeholders for easy, reliable and secure exchange of various types of clinical documents.
    Use of standards and FHIR®-based profiles ensures flexible settings of integration across all data exchange participants and use of syntactically and semantically interoperable clinical information.

  • HIS


    A SaaS solution for healthcare providers that ensures automation of business processes in a clinical organization, accumulation, storage, analysis and exchange of structured clinical information about a patient within FHIR®.
    The HIS is fully integrated with other elements of the ecosystem, which enables an easy exchange of a patient’s clinical information with other users and integration with other healthcare providers, including laboratories, without extra costs. The HIS is integrated with the CDSS service, which provides reliable assistance in decision making at all stages of patient care. Integration with the PHR service ensures that the patient has a secure access to their clinical data and can remotely communicate with healthcare providers.

  • CDSS


    The Decision Support System (CDSS) uses expert-validated graph models based on fuzzy and crisp logic and compliant with national and international clinical recommendations in order to help patients and physicians identify risks, accurately diagnose diseases, and choose the best treatment.
    The CDSS uses standardized, mapped international clinical data classification systems that are connected to the service in the FHIR® context.

  • PHR


    Personal health service which stores all clinical data of the patient in a single secure location, provides personalized health recommendations, helps easily find required healthcare services, monitor essential parameters, check symptoms, and communicate with healthcare providers.

  • Chatbot


    Cross-platform chatbot assistant that helps users especially patients work with the ecosystem, receive data from the PHR, keep personal health records, make doctor’s appointments and to book other clinical services, assess risks of developing diseases and receive notifications and recommendations.